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Regional hyperthermia is a heat-based cancer treatment capable of increasing the local effectiveness of standard treatment modalities such as chemotherapy, radiation therapy and chemoradiation. Generally, hyperthermia is used to treat tumors of the abdominopelvic region or the lower extremities and is most promising under conditions where the expected success of standard treatments is limited, in particular for pre-irradiated sites where a repeated course of radiotherapy often needs to be compromised. In the presence of distant metastasis the use of hyperthermia is generally not indicated.

In regional hyperthermia deep seated tumors are selectively heated up to around 40-44°C using electromagnetic radiation. The number of hyperthermia treatments needed per patient depends on the respective disease, but generally multiple hyperthermia treatments are required over several weeks. The duration of treatment sessions is around 90 minutes.  In any case, hyperthermia is a well-tolerated treatment and severe toxicities have not been reported so far. 

At Charité Berlin regional hyperthermia has been offered to patients in combination to chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy since 1988. Our hyperthermia facility is therefore one of the most experienced worldwide. 

For Charité International patients (Private patients / Self-pay patients):

The use of hyperthermia may particularly be important for locally advanced/recurrent (non-resectable) tumors in the abdominopelvic region. These tumors are commonly accessible by electromagnetic radiation induced hyperthermia (needs to be judged for each individual case). Other potentially important components for the multimodal cancer treatment will also have to be discussed individually also depending on prior treatments you may have had. In order to develop an optimized treatment strategy for you (personalized medicine) we can rely on an arsenal of Radiation Oncology treatment methods at the Charité clinics (e.g. Cyberknife, Novalis, Tomotherapy, VMAT-Linear accelerators, image guided radiotherapy, interventional procedures and innovative oncological treatments etc.). 

If we realize a chance of a successful treatment approach of your disease, we will generate an individualized multimodal treatment strategy for you. 

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