Therapies for adult patients

On the following pages we will present our clinical specialties and range of clinical services we provide for adult patients. If you have any questions regarding specific therapies or your stay with us, please feel free to contact us either by e-mail or by telephone at: +49 30 450 578 244.


Cardio expertise is available at all four locations and covers the entire range of modern invasive and non-invasive procedures to treat diseases of the cardiovascular system.
Clinical services for patients with chronic inflammatory, congenital and infectious diseases of the skin, skin tumors and other rare pathologies of the skin.
Endocrinology, Metabolic Diseases
All Charité therapy services with regard to metabolic and endocrinological diseases.
The specialized Charité services for diseases of ear, nose and throat.
Gastroenterology, Hepatology
Therapies for patients with gastroenterological and hepatological diseases. The facilities include the Interdisciplinary Colon Center and the Interdisciplinary Endoscopy Center.
Here you will find the complete range of gynecological therapies, including all innovative and conventional surgical techniques, such as minimally invasive, vaginal and open procedures.
The entire range of diagnostic and treatment services with regard to diseases of the kidney
Diagnosis and therapy of all aspects of neurological diseases
Here pregnant women will find the Charité services that ensure that every baby will get a good start into life.
Here you will be introduced to the seven Charité facilities that are specialized in the treatment of cancer
At the Department of Ophthalmology all diseases of the eye are being treated.
Pneumonology, Infectiology
Here the entire range of clinical services in infectiology and pneumonology is presented.
Diagnosis as well as therapy of mental conditions have progressed immensely over the past few decades thanks to intensive research. Here you will find information on the treatment services offered at Charité.
Here the range of therapies for rheumatic diseases and autoimmune diseases is described.
The complete range of surgical interventions, including transplant surgery, offered at Charité.
Here you will find information on the treatment of diseases of the organs of the urinary tract.

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