Department of Obstetrics

Prof. Wolfgang Henrich

“Utmost safety for a wonderful natural event” (Prof. Dr. med. Wolfgang Henrich)

The Department of Obstetrics is certified by the German Society of Ultrasound in Medicine (DEGUM – Deutsche Gesellschaft für Ultraschall in der Medizin) as a so-called DEGUM III center which means it offers the highest level of ultrasonography expertise available in Germany. Mastering a broad range of diagnostic procedures and therapies, the team is particularly specialized in pregnancies that pose risks for mother and child.

International Center for Obstetrics (Competence Center)

In our outpatient obstetrics department you can discuss your wishes in advance with a physician or midwife. We offer you the utmost possible safety thanks to our high degree of medical competence and experience (university hospital): experienced obstetricians, neonatologists and anesthesiologists are available for you around the clock.

As a perinatal center we offer you expertise in the care of high-risk births for mother and child (obstetrics and neonatology). There is a neonatology intensive care unit directly adjacent. Peridural analgesics can be applied at any time. Emergency section is possible within minutes.

If your newborn has to stay in the hospital after birth you can be lodged in the hospital to accompany the child.

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  • Cervical sonography to assess the risk of premature birth
  • Complex ultrasound to assess malformations and close cooperation with neonatologists and other specialists at Charité such as pediatric cardiologists, cardiac surgeons, pediatric neurosurgeons, maxillo-facial surgeons and geneticists
  • Detailed diagnostics in the second trimester
  • Early detection of malformations
  • Fetal echocardiography
  • Fetal neurosonography
  • First trimester test
  • Intrauterine fetal drainages, amniodrainage and amniotic fluid replenishment
  • Intrauterine therapy in patients with fetal anemia by intrauterine blood transfusion and fetal arrhythmias caused by maternal and/or fetal intake of medication
  • Invasive diagnostic procedures (amniocentesis, chorion biopsy, placenta centesis, chordo centesis)
  • Materno-fetal Doppler sonography to assess fetal growth
  • Second opinion for suspect findings
  • Third trimester screening
  • Ultrasound control during risk pregnancies, particularly monochorial twins, rhesus incompatibility and maternal diseases

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Prenatal therapies

  • Invasive therapy in patients with fetal anemia
  • Laser therapy in fetofetal transfusion syndrome
  • Transplacental therapy: Fetuses with cardiac arrhythmia (tachycardia, less frequently bradycardia) are treated in close cooperation with pediatric cardiologists and neonatologists; therapies are either transplacental (via the mother) or directly invasive.


Risk pregnancies include inter alia mothers with diabetes, preeclampsia, breech presentation and multiples, HIV and other infections of the mother and addictions or psychosomatic disorders.

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7 reasons for the Charité Department of Obstetrics

  • Individual care and maximum possible self-determination rights for women
  • We support where possible a natural (gentle) birth. Technology is only applied in the event of medical necessity.
  • We accompany you individually and respect the right of every woman/ every couple to choose and to participate in decisions.
  • We care for you very individually and holistically (during pregnancy, birth and puerperium) within a family-oriented environment.
  • Experienced Charité midwives and attending midwives are on duty around the clock.
  • We support and promote the mother-child relationship by means of early bonding, “rooming in”, nursing advice and involution guidance.
  • The puerperium begins in a comfortable 1-2 bed room at CCM with the finest view of Berlin.

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Support Team

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