Treatments for children

Children are not small adults—therefore Charité offers a pediatric facility for nearly every medical problem that is particularly and exclusively engaged in the treatment of the young patients. The pediatrics spectrum at Charité also includes therapy for rare diseases and is unique in Germany for its degree of specialization. The following pages contain information about the individual specialties and experts. In order to make the hospitalization of your child as comfortable as possible the Charité International Office has a team to support you.

Pediatric cardiology
Therapies for children in the field of cardiology
Pediatric neurology
Treatments for young patients with epilepsies and disorders of the central and peripheral nervous systems
Pediatric neurosurgery
Neurosurgical care for children and adolescents in the field of pediatric neurosurgery
Pediatric surgery
Therapies for young patients in one of the largest pediatric surgery facilities in all of Germany
Pediatric oncology and hematology
Treatments for children and adolescents suffering from cancer or other non-malignant disorders of the hematopoietic system
Pediatric endocrinology and gastroenterology
Treatment of young patients who suffer from acute or chronic illnesses such as thyroid disorders, growth disorders, disorders in the sexual and puberty development, adrenal gland disorders, metabolic bone disorders, obesity, diabetes, gastro-intestinal tract disorders.
Pediatric allergology, pneumonology, rheumatology and immunology
Treatment of young patients suffering from acute and chronic illnesses, such as allergological, pneumological, immunological and rheumatological disorders
Pediatric nephrology
Treatments of acute and chronic disorders of the kidneys and urogenital system in children and adolescents

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