Infection immunology

Serious infections with or without immune deficiencies are analyzed and treated in the Infection immunology section. 

Outpatient service is available for among others the following illnesses:

  • Primary immune deficiency (PID) in children and adults
  • HIV/AIDS in children
  • Infections, due to a congenital or acquired immune deficiency, especially for children with serious tuberculosis histories
  • Infections with so-called atypical mycobacterium
  • CMV and EBV infections
  • Influenza variants
  • Other domestic and non-domestic infections where special effort is required for laboratory analysis and therapy
  • All questions pertaining to immunization and immune safety

Service spectrum immunology

  • Diagnostic clarification for children and adults susceptible to infections
  • Day clinic treatment, e.g. infusion of intravenous immunoglobulin, for children and adults
  • Day clinic diagnosis and therapy for children with HIV exposition or infection
  • Conducting clinical studies of patients with primary immune disorders or HIV/AIDS

Service spectrum for infectious diseases

  • Outpatient diagnosis and therapy for children with mycobacterial and other chronic problem infections
  • Outpatient consultation and diagnosis for uncommon questions regarding immunization and immune safety.

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