Division of Pneumonology and Allergology

The department is a maximum care center for children and adolescents suffering from allergic disorders as well as acute and chronic respiratory illnesses. As one of the leading research centers in Germany continuous development and constant testing of new diagnostic methods and treatment procedures enjoys highest priority.

Service spectrum pneumonology

  • All possibilities for imaging diagnostics
  • Bronchoscopy (flexible and static)
  • Clarification of gas exchange disorders
  • Measurement of exhaled nitrogen oxide (inflammometry)
  • Measurement of oxygen saturation (SAO2)
  • Spiroergometry, treadmill endurance test
  • Sweat test
  • The entire spectrum of lung function diagnostics for children (spirometry, body plethysmography, specific and non-specific provocation methods)

Service spectrum allergology

  • Advice in the case of problematic vaccinations.
  • All possible hypersensitization (subcutaneous, sublingual, etc.)
  • Allergological diagnosis in serum (specific IgE) and on the skin
  • Differentiated advice as to possibilities for allergy prevention
  • Differentiated nutrition advice in the case of food allergies (diagnostic, therapeutic and preventive diets)
  • Nasal provocation testing
  • Oral food provocations
  • Structured patient training (individual and in groups) for asthma, atopic dermatitis and anaphylaxis

Support Team

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