Department of Pediatric Neurology

Neurological disorders in childhood are treated under the direction of Professor Dr. Christoph Hübner. Along with inpatient care, emphasis is given to special consultation for outpatients where other diagnostic and therapeutic measures are prescribed.

The team concentrates on the following therapies:

  • Congenital defect syndromes
  • Epilepsies
  • Infection diseases of the central and peripheral nervous systems
  • Metabolic diseases of the central and peripheral nervous systems
  • Perinatal damage to the nervous system


Experts have access to a fully equipped EEG laboratory for diagnosis and therapy where not only EEGs can be derived but also children can be given electrophysiological examinations.

Professor Hübner and his team are heavily involved in scientific research in addition to their clinical activities.


Various groups conduct research on the following aspects, e.g.:

  • Genetic investigation of a tumor variety
  • Genetic variability of mitochondriophaties
  • Genotypification and phenotypification of axonopathes
  • Investigation of biological and clinical characteristic of a form of leukodystrophy
  • Mechanisms that lead to nerve cell degeneration in the immature brain of the child, identification of the responsible gene and investigation of the pathophysiology of mutated genes in unexplained neuromuscular disorders.
  • Muscular dystrophy
  • Pathogenesis of a genetically induced disorder of the vitamin e metabolism

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