Department of Pediatric Surgery

The inpatient and outpatient facilities for pediatric surgery constitute one of the largest facilities for pediatric surgery in all of Germany, under the direction of Professor Dr. Karin Rothe; therapies for all indications of pediatric surgery are enabled through very close interdisciplinary cooperation. Since it is embedded in the Charité Mother – Child Center and the Otto-Heubner-Centrum not only is there extensive expertise in pediatric surgery available but also the combined specialties of pediatric anesthetics, pediatric radiology and pediatric intensive medicine are available. One special field is the treatment of complicated, congenital defects and their consequences prior to and after operative care.

The therapeutic spectrum also includes:

  • Surgery on newborn and prematurely born children: treatment of deformities, diaphragmatic hernias, anorectic malformations, intestinal innervation disorders or intestine duplicators
  • Thorax surgery including treatment of thoracic wall deformations such as funnel chest or pigeon chest and therapy for lung deformations such as lung cysts, malformations or sequesters
  • Abdominal surgery and complete visceral surgery, e.g. liver and gall bladder tracts, pancreas, spleen and gastro-intestinal tract
  • Pediatric traumatology using conservative and operative care for early childhood fractures
  • Surgical intervention in the case of malignant and benign tumors (lymphangiome, hemangiome, teratome)
  • Therapy for burns in childhood (initial and subsequent treatment)
  • Pediatric urology for congenital and acquired disorders of the kidneys and urinary tract
  • Hand surgery


The work of the entire team is dedicated to the patients’ best possible safety and an optimum treatment concept during the entire treatment period. In order to satisfy this demand, the department’s staff places great value in continuous and qualified further education and training. Problem analyses performed in daily, interdisciplinary conferences also contribute to quality assurance.


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